Just Days Remain Until OOTB 2011!

Just a quick reminder that we are entering the final last-minute registration push leading up to the OOTB 2011 Tournament! Register today and in true tournament fashion, paint like a demon to get finished on time. The event takes place on July 2nd & 3rd, so don’t hesitate to register before it’s too late!

Once again, the event features up to 50 players each for 40k and Fantasy, with game sizes of 1850 (40k) and 2500 (Fantasy). $50 gets you 5 games (3 Saturday, 2 Sunday), an event t-shirt, pizza lunch Saturday, and a chance to win some seriously amazing prizes. UPDATE: A couple of trips to Las Vegas (3 days/2 nights accommodations and 2-for-1 flight vouchers) will be given away to registered players, courtesy of Bandit Racing and Motorsports. Sign up ASAP if you want to win the best weekend you’ll never remember!

Plus, all the cool kids will be there, including myself and the Jaded Gamers.

OOTB 2011 - July 2nd and 3rd. Don't miss out, register today!

Also note that army lists are due 1 week before the event, so Monday, June 25th should be the absolute latest you’re submitting an army list.

Brian and Steph enjoying a 4+ cover save thanks to all of the donations.

As always, this is a charity event where OOTB collects donations for the Campus Food Bank. Whether you’re playing or just checking things out on the day of the event, please give generously to a worthy cause.


11 comments on “Just Days Remain Until OOTB 2011!

  1. Thanks for throwing the post up on this Tournament as nto only did I find out about it here but you reminded me about submitting my list. Cheers.

  2. yes indeedy! I did forget to post the list – btw do we need to post the fluff writeup as well? – List has been sent. I am looking forward to meeting you all in person and will definitely be there – Volcanic Ash permitting!

  3. I honestly don’t know if you need to submit fluff ahead of time or just bring to the event. Can’t hurt to send if you have it ready, but probably not as important as getting the list in on time. That’s always the big concern for a TO in the nights before the big day.

    • Submitting the fluff write up right away will help us immensely with the theme point for 40k unless the theme is very obvious so sending it in early would be fantastic…..this week is looking to be really busy so anything to make our lives easier would be greatly appreciated.

  4. […] It Came from OOTB 2011 -Edmonton AB – Canada Day Long Weekend: In less than 5 days, the OOTB club will be running their much lauded annual event. As per usual, the event will be supporting the University of Alberta’s Campus Foodbank (which is just plain awesome, since the majority of return foodbank users are those who actually WORK for the university, as opposed to students). What’s new is they’re RAFFLING OFF trips to LAS VEGAS. Having just been there, I can say this is a prize definitely worth winning. A paltry $50 gets you your games, lunch on Saturday, some swag (I think its shirts this year) and a chance at the great prizes. Details can be found on their website: Out of the Basement Gaming or Painting Legend Dan Byer’s blog, Immaterium Press […]

  5. Since Dan will be at the tournament i think its a good time to hold a interventions for him. You see… Dan has painters ADD. He paints like a kid chasing a butterfly. We need to help him focus on one army till its finished. (bring candy he likes that) so come out and help Dan focus.

    • Oh God, no more candy. Ate way too much on the weekend to reward myself for working on Khemri models and my guts are still punishing me :p

    • Hey Jarrett, I think the event went quite well this year! As always we tried some new things and we’ll be able to apply the results to our future events to make them run better and be more fun for players. For example, we might not put the event on a long weekend again, as we had a lot of people who were unable to make it due to weddings, birthdays, camping trips, etc.

      As always the venue was great, we raised a ton of donations for the Food Bank, and lots of local (and not so local) gamers got to have some fun playing games. That’s what makes it worth all the time, effort and stress for the volunteers and organizers.

      Hopefully you can make it out next year, or at least to one of the other events such as Onslaught in October. Even if you’re not gaming, it’s nice to see familiar faces in between rounds 🙂

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