Primin’ in the wind

Your arm will turn black long before your minis ever will...

Okay, all you gamers out there, with tournament season fast approaching, new armies hitting the shelves and rumors swirling about summer releases I am very curious about what everyone is working on these days.

As for myself, I have been busy converting up test models for Khemri, and painting a few minis for the army as well. You have probably seen my Sepulchral Stalker, and I am looking to finish painting up my Herald Nekaph model pretty soon. Can’t wait, he was a lot of fun to convert.

As I work on the new army, I want to avoid the problem I encountered the first time I tried to do Khemri all those years ago: burnout. Simply put, I overwhelmed myself by building too many Skeletons and Chariots at the same time. I am not a natural army painter to begin with, so it’s easy for me to lose interest when I do the same repetitive build over and over in a limited period of time.

To keep things interesting, I am working on some scenery (which resulted in the lovely incident that inspired the post’s title) and have committed myself to finishing up more Dwarfs to help break up the Tom Kings project. I really want to get the Dwarfs playable before I cave in and order $500 worth of Chaos Dwarfs!

My desk is sorta messy, so you get dining room backdrops!

Here’s a photo of the Orc tower thingy that I’ve had built on my shelf for months now. I really wanted to see it done before I crack open the Arcane Ruins and Dreadstone Blight sets that I recently picked up. It was inspired by Warhammer Online concept art (as has been the case for most of my recent armies and scenery builds) and built mostly from balsa wood and Popsicle sticks, with the odd foam rock and a few Bitz tossed in for variety.

The next projects will likely be some exotic magicky stuff (sorry for the overly technical terminology) and yet another 40k bunker that I primed at the same time as the Orc tower.

It's for a night time table I'm working on... yeah that's it!

How about you guys? What are you working on and what is your primary motivation? Tournaments / casual gaming / sheer hobby enjoyment or maybe even Shiny New Model Syndrome? Let’s hear it!


7 comments on “Primin’ in the wind

  1. Actually I am in a hobby doldrum right now – I was shaken by the Grey Knights Codex, the dreadknight and the inquisitoral retinues and the huge damge GW did to their own IP, and now with the price increase that is 3x more than the current inflation rate I justdont think I can handle the abuse for much longer.

    Perhaps when the bruising goes down and I can start to see again I will continue with my current project which is a scratch build necron flyer. – the only thing that is keeping me limpoing along on that project is that I bought all the bitz a long time ago when you couls=d and that I dont have to spend any more on any GW product to finish it off.

  2. Demons. Always Demons.

    Which coincidentally have built in monotony breakers as long as you choose to do a multi-God theme. Near the end of my Plaguebearer unit, (numbers 25 & 26 of 26) it really felt like pulling teeth. Once that was done though, bam! On to Tzeentch and a completely new look and colour palette.

  3. After a bit of tempered reflection and on a more positive note – its the playing that really gets me motivated to paint. There is nothing better than seeing two well painted armies battling over good terrain to fire the imagination and enthusiasm for the game! – on that note I think I will go and get a game to get out of these doldrums.

    • That sounds like a good idea. Sometimes getting a game in against a good friend is all you need to rekindle the flames.

      • Agreed. For me its more about using ones imagination and building a good narrative than winning. Hell for me any game that we can talk about for weeks afterward is a win for me, even if I actually lost on the day. I like imbalanced scenarios and campaigns the most, but unfortunately most of the gamers at my LGG count every game as a league and thus every game becomes a head to head, basic rulebook tournament clone. Its quite sad really.

  4. If I could only find the time to paint these days I am most excited about goblins and space marines. Both are armies that are mostly purchased, so I do not need to worry about the price increase. I should really finish my wolf rider unit so that I can start on my chariots.

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