Honorary Jaded Gamer

I’m sure some of you already know this, but over the weekend I was the guest on episode 29 of Jaded Gamercast, aptly titled “CRUDDACE!!!!”. You can check out the episode in your browser or through iTunes.

This week’s episode not only covers the new Tomb Kings book, but Nathan finally got the green light for a full 30 minute rant against the Tyranids codex in “Higher Learning”. For those of you who have been listening regularly, you won’t be too surprised by the commentary on the current Tyranids or by the jokes we make at the expense of fetish marines while talking 40k. Don’t feel bad for the Blood Angels, Sanguinius already fell on his sword so you can’t shame him into committing suicide again.

Doing the episode was really a lot of fun. Having spirited discussions about your favorite hobby is lots of fun, but having a few drinks, getting a little sloppy and launching into full-blown rants in front of a microphone is exponentially more awesome.

Once again, Lange and Nathan are two great guys with a lot to say about the hobby. Agree or disagree with the discussions on the podcast, you will be entertained either way.

I hope you guys like the episode, please feel free to leave any feedback here or on their site. I’m looking forward to playing some more games with these guys, drinking some more of Lange’s 15 year scotch and maybe getting another chance to get on the show. Until then, pour yourself a glass of something flammable, cancel your plans to be alert and functional the next day, and enjoy the show.


5 comments on “Honorary Jaded Gamer

  1. Funny… I don’t remember you being there at all… wait, how much scotch did I drink?

  2. Epicly great 😉 Too bad there wasn’t more of that.. But hey! 28 other episodes of Jaded Gamer? Gotta download and listen to that 😛

  3. Glad you liked it! Not taking yourself too seriously leads to some incredibly good times.

  4. Hey Dan,

    I thought I’d send you an email here rather than as a post on the facebook wall of Jadedgamercast; I can TOTALLY hook you up with what you need. I have to double check the stock level of things in the store….which might mean I have to reorder a couple boxes next week (if that’s the case, I won’t be able to mail you anything until next Wednesday or Thursday).
    Even if I have to order in product to fill your request, I’ll honour the “buy one box get another box 50% off” deal.

    So, the question is: what are you willing to commit to? Seven boxes of Vampire Counts skeletons and ….which chariot are you talking about, the box of plastic ones?

    Let me know exactly what you’re after (via my imaginarywars email address) and I’ll get it all together for you.


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