AoW – Painted Sepulchral Stalker

All right, the first fully completed model in the new color scheme. Quite happy with how it turned out, and judging by all the comments I got today when I posted him to Facebook, you guys are liking him too.

Lookin good, Mr. Stalker. Don't shoot me with your eye lasers plz.

Obviously the big departure from the official color scheme is the strong use of black on the model. I really do feel that black is a natural choice when you go back to the traditional Egyptian artwork and statues. As a bonus, it really makes the accent colors like gold, brass and bone pop πŸ™‚

Lots of nice curves, looks coming and going.

The black is really very simple to paint, as well. I used four colors, including Chaos Black, so it’s simple stuff. Do your first hilight, maybe 1.5mm thick with P3 Coal Black. Feel free to fade this in on the larger, flatter surfaces with feathering, blending, or whatever your method of choice is. Hilight this with a thinner swipe of P3 Greatcoat Grey. Finish this off with a mix of Greatcoat Grey with Foundation Astronomican Grey. And that’s it.

Brass is as follows: Tin Bitz, drybrush Brazen Brass, drybrush Brazen Brass mixed with Chainmail. Wash with thinned Gryphonne Sepia and Leviathan Purple mix. Wash with Scaly Green.

And gold: Brazen Brass, 50/50 Brazen and Burnished Gold, Burnished Gold, 50/50 Burnished and Mithril Silver. Wash with thinned Gryphonne Sepia and Leviathan Purple mix.

The silver on the blade was different. I used Chainmail, washed heavily with Gryphonne Sepia, followed by Devlan Mud towards the base. I then lightly drybrushed the blade with Chainmail. Follow this with washes of Vermin Brown/Blazing Orange and a final wash of Fiery Orange. Finishing touch was a very light drybrush with Mithril Silver towards the tips. Looks pretty damn awesome if you ask me, and it will look better than having the same bronze all over the place on weapons and armor.

Red was dead simple. I basecoated with P3 Sanguine Base, and washed the cracks with Badab Black. I then touched this up with Sanguine Base before mixing in a little bit of P3 Trollblood Hilight for two quick hilights. It looks a bit pink on the pallette, but when you put it on the model it looks fine. Just be sure to leave the vast majority of the area pure Sanguine, or else it will look pink after all :p

Bone! Almost forgot the bone. I basecoated with P3 Battlefield Brown, mixed 50/50 with and then did pure P3 Gun Corps Brown. I then mixed this up to P3 Jack Bone. Jobz a good’un.

I will repeat the base technique from the previous article, for those who haven’t seen it. You can save a bit of time by basecoating the sand and dry mud with Calthan Brown. Doesn’t need 100% coverage, it’s just to help with the next layers. You can save even more time by synchronizing the steps so that you’re doing the wash and Jack Bone drybrush at the same time. You’ll see what I mean.

For the sand, I painted it Foundation Khemri Brown, followed by a wash of Sepia, Devlan Mud and Leviathan Purple. Drybrush with Jack Bone and P3 Menoth White Hilight.

For the mud, I painted it P3 Hammerfall Khaki. Wash this with the same Sepia, Devlan Mud and Leviathan Purple mix from above. Drybrush with Hammerfall Khaki followed by Jack Bone.

Gems were pretty simple. The turquoise ones were painted with thin layers of Coal Black, followed by Scaly Green, Jade Green and Jade Green mixed with a bit of Astronomican Grey. The purple gems were done by feathering in a layer of P3 Beaten Purple (Citadel Liche Purple works just as well, but I had my P3 paints handy). Hilight with a mix of Beaten Purple and P3 Sanguine Hilight. To this mix I added a bit of Astronomican Grey.

And I can’t forget to mention the little buddy he has crawling around on the base. Do yourself a favor and google for scarabs before painting any. They have this beautiful iridescent effect on their carapace that changes from species to species. I really like the look of the rainbow scarab, as they have a super vibrant red towards the front and nice green striations on their backsides. You can kind of see it in the pictures. Looks a lot nicer in person, the stupid glare off the metallic paints makes it really hard to photograph.

One of my favorite parts of this model, without a doubt, is the base. Especially the scarab.

To achieve this effect, I simply used a shitload of Tin Bitz and mixed in some colors for hilights. For the green, I did a hilight with Dark Angels Green mixed in, followed by a mix of Tin Bitz and Scorpion Green. For the red, I used a mix of Tin Bitz and P3 Skorne Red followed by a mix of Tin Bitz and Khador Red Base. In the future, I’ll add a tiny bit of blue around the edges of the midsection of the scarab. That’s all there is to it!

Let me know if you have any questions, as I’d be happy to answer them.


11 comments on “AoW – Painted Sepulchral Stalker

  1. No questions, just wanted to say well done on a great paint job and base to boot. πŸ™‚

  2. This looks phenomenal. An entire army in this scheme would be breathtaking. Make it so. πŸ˜‰

  3. Great paint scheme. But I’m curious on what type of primer you used to paint this model. Any advise?

    • I use GW black primer. The current stuff they make is my favorite primer of all time. It works well for me and it dries within minutes.

      The previous generation of primer they had was really smelly and the paint was wet to the touch for a very long time. I was so glad when they switched back to the better supplier.

  4. This inspired me to buy a box but the pricetag gave me pause – jeez GW is pushing the pricing comfort zone these days (I know they have always been expensive but I’m a well paid dude and wince at the cost of this box!)

    • The pricetag on these guys was a little higher than I had expected, but the guys in game are fairly expensive so I figure that’s probably why we get to pay extra. Fully upgraded Necropolis Knights are 80pts each x 3 in a box, so it’s not a bad investment when you’re building the army. Beats paying $5/skeleton for Tomb Guard lol.

  5. This one is on the GW web side. God Job!

  6. “For the sand, I painted it Foundation Khemri Brown, followed by a wash of Sepia, Devlan Mud and Leviathan Purple. Drybrush with Jack Bone and P3 Menoth White Hilight.” 3 Different washes in 3 steps, or… 30% Sepia, 20%Devlan 50% leviathan…? what are the proportions…

    • Hey there, it was a mix of all three but honestly I’m not sure on the proportions. If I had to guess, I’d say 50% Sepia, 25% Agrax/Devlan Mud, 25% Purple. Plus some water to thin it down and keep it subtle.

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