Make my decisions for me, please, Internet dwellers.

I think this could be fun, let’s add a little interactivity to the site. I’m going to be painting up a smallish regiment of 20 new Tomb Guard and some Sepulchral Stalkers next for sure, but what do you guys think I should work on after that?

Some core skeletons? Some of the many many Ushabti that I have been building lately (who doesn’t like a unit that will cost 900+ points when it’s all said and done?!)? Some more monsters or chariots?

Let me know what you think! I am far too distracted by shiny things to decide on my own. Looking foward to what you have to say 😀


4 comments on “Make my decisions for me, please, Internet dwellers.

  1. Seriously man, if you do not paint some core infantry now while you still have pretty models to motivate painting, they will never get done!

  2. You mean you’re not ramping up for Templars? 😉

  3. Tom has got it right! The new version of Tomb Kings is awesome and with your
    great color scheme I can predict some great pics of a completed army. Your
    desert terrain color scheme makes your models stand out. Once completed and
    posted on this site your membership should take another leap!

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