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AoW – Black Box Part 2

A few weeks ago we were describing the Khemri release as Christmas in May. Well, I must have been good this year, because Christmas just came again (and so did I, just a little bit).

The only thing better than early access to new minis is early access to even more new minis the very next week.

I still need to head back to GW to take a photo of the Sphinx, as he’s been hanging out there since last Thursday. But in the meantime, I have some new toys to keep me busy 😀 As you can see in the box, I have a little something to work on that most people didn’t get to during the initial black box release. Because Warp 3 (located in Mill Woods Town Centre) got their black box a bit late, there was some Tomb Guard included. Just like Chicago forcing a Game 7, I didn’t expect it but I’m sure as hell excited that it worked out this way!

So my painting desk is starting to get crowded. I’ll be doing up 20 Tomb Guard and 3 Stalkers pretty soon, and I also have a unit of 6 (so far…) Ushabti based and ready for primer. I have a couple more, and have a line on getting another handful from friends to make a unit of 12+. Hopefully they release some command models before too long so I can make a full horde of 18 if I feel like it. They just sound scary and banner/musician will really help to stop the crumbling if they run up against big horde units. 930 pts for a fully loaded up unit of 18 with command. I have no idea if it will be worth the investment, but that just sounds delightful so I’ll try to do it anyway…

So once I have a regiment of Tomb Guard and Sepulchral Stalkers built, I’ll be sure to post up some full reviews of the kit and my thoughts on building an army. I have the book for a few days (it will be going back to the store after that) so I should be able to offer some good insight into how things are and how radically different everything will be from the last edition. So many new units to play with…

Can’t wait to smuggle this army book into work tomorrow so I can keep reading. Hopefully there’s some secret section that I’ve missed that tells me where the magic armor and saves for the special characters are. I’m kinda curious about that… some wicked cool characters with nothing but Light Armor. That would make me very nervous :p


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