AoW – Brief update with plastic Tomb Prince (Updated)

UPDATE! Better pic and more or less finished this time. Still plan to revisit skin later on. If you want to check this guy out in person, he’s sitting in the display cabinet at GW West Edmonton Mall for the next month.

Plastic Prince (updated).

Just wanted to post a quick photo or two of reason 1A for why I haven’t posted much lately. Photos of reason #1 are to come later this week. Should be up by Friday at absolute latest, as I’ll be finishing up the paintjob by Thursday if it kills me 😀

Plastic Prince (front).

Plastic Prince (rear).

I think the colors are really coming together now, after some minor tweaks along the way. Lots of brown, gold and copper of course, but two types of turquoise and purple for accent colors should be neat. The shaft of the halberd/great weapon needs to be hilighted still, I haven’t picked the other colors for the wood just yet. Lots of browns already in the scheme already, so it’s hard to pick which one to use for this final purpose!

Let me know what you think of the colors. I’m not 100% sold on the skin, but luckily the princes are pretty much the only models to have this type of skin on them so it won’t be a huge problem to change the color on one guy if I find a better method later.


4 comments on “AoW – Brief update with plastic Tomb Prince (Updated)

  1. What is the skin right now? Gretchen green?

    I would try an extreme highlight of rotting flesh. But then again, that colour is my go to for EVERYTHING.

    • A mix of P3 Cryx Base and Rucksack Tan I think added for hilights. Not sure if I want more yellow, grey or Rotten Flesh for more extreme hilights. Might even add Dwarf Flesh just for something different. Red tones in the skin could be made to work.

  2. Turquoise and purple is the spaghetti and meatball of painting. Love it.

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