You’re welcome, 40k

Pretty sure I just saved 40k. Everybody take a Sharpie and cross out “Codex: Grey Knights” everywhere this text appears. Replace with “Codex: Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons” and you are good to go.

Dancing Terminators riding in giant robots? Not quite as cool as having rules for a Primarch.

Dreadknight rules can work for Magnus the Red. If anyone deserves T7 and crazy armor/wargear, it’s a Primarch.

The different cults can represent some of the different GK squad types, as well. Pyrae love fire and firepower, so they would work for either Purgation or Purifier squads. Pavoni have bio-electric lightning as a common offensive power, so again Purifiers work. Corvidae and Athanaeans are all into mind-reading and precognition, so they could get fudged into the Interceptor squads maybe. Tactical brilliance = random teleportation … whatever. Maybe that’s pushing it a bit 😀

If you want to run a Relictors army without using the incredibly lame Chaos Space Marines codex, you could use GK as well. Crowe with his daemon weapon is a perfect fit for the leader of that army. Just avoid the completely over-the-top unit choices and you will have a suitable Relictor force I think. This is pretty much the only way I can see GK and Daemonhosts in the same army list … mixing the extreme puritans and radicals in almost any other context just makes me cry.

Just a reminder of what Grey Knights used to be like. When they were actually grey (and slightly less ridiculous, as well).

Anyway, I think I finally found a way to make the Grey Knight codex bearable. You’re welcome.

In the grim darkness of the far future there is no such thing as subtlety.

This whole discussion started as a sarcastic Facebook status update, lifting my quote from the previous article. Before I knew it, there were a couple dozen posts on the subject. Reactions continue to be incredibly mixed on Grey Knights. People like me see some great potential for “counts as” lists such like the Thousand Sons and Relictors, Jordan simply sees them as a viable list when put alongside Space Wolves and Blood Angels, and Adam actually suggested using them as Dark Mechanicum proxies. Crazy psychic powers representing the bizarre forbidden warp-tainted tech from Mechanicum, which is a great book by the way. One of the best of the Horus Heresy series.

What do you think? Does a healthy does of DIY redeem the codex? Or does the fact that we are all looking so goddamn hard for a fix simply show how badly GW pooped the bed on this book (and the Chaos Space Marines to a certain extent)?

As Tom puts it:

You know what is really sad here… the real evidence that GW has coathangered 40k? That you could make a more characterful chaos army using the Grey Knights book than Codex: Chaos Space Marines…


3 comments on “You’re welcome, 40k

  1. I am still waiting for my codex to arrive, so I cant really post here with any certainty – one thing I will be trying to do though, is ressurect my long shelved ‘Eisenhorn’ type Daemon hunters army and see if it fits with Coteaz – if the rumours I hear are true that inquisitoral retinues count as troops and not just as scoring.

    So basically I have no intention of playing the ‘dex as designed and will be trying to see if something good can actually come of it. From what I have heard it doesnt seem to be very Grey Knights who were supposed [I think] to be primarily an anti psyker army rather than a Thousand suns rip off.

    • According to some of our local hardcore 40k guys, Coteaz gives you unlimited retinue spam. Henchmen are bought as elite, but don’t take up a slot. Coteaz supposedly makes them count as troops instead. If the rule about not taking up a slot remains, they can’t fill your compulsory choices but you can take as many 3-man units in Chimeras as you want. Easy pickings for Kill Points missions, but for objective based missions this would be incredibly nasty.

      Grey Knights are primarily anti-daemon, the fact that they’re psykers really makes them much more dangerous to daemons in the fluff.

      • Lol! I have a financial constraint as to how many Chimeras I could take. 🙂 The codex sounds interesting and it really does sound like there is a lot of free rein in the Cpdex. This could be a good thing but I suspect if it can get abused, it will be. That makes me sad. [so much for ‘with great power comes great responsibility’]

        Agreed on the psychic abilities making them dangerous to daemons but fluff wise it should also make them more susceptable to corruption and all that.

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