Echoes From the Warp – Grey Knights

Well, it’s official. Black boxes are in the shops and the Grey Knights are up on the webpage.

OK I must admit these guys are looking pretty badass.

I gotta say, this is the most pissed off I’ve been at a GW release in a long time. Please bear with me, as I try to explain my frustration. What I have to say isn’t all bad either.

The basic Grey Knights and Termis are pretty cool looking, for sure. The GK design from the Daemonhunters book was very solid, and the metal models were nice. Definitely a little hard to convert, though. Raise your hand if you cut Captain Stern to pieces and prayed to the immortal Emperor that you would somehow figure out how to make it all work in the end.

The new ones, being plastic and having a bajillion different heads, shoulder pads, weapons and poses, will be a breeze to work with by comparison. Same goes for the Grey Knights in power armor. They look pretty solid. That’s definitely one of the good things.

... And then there's this walking abortion of a unit.

I’m sorry guys, I am trying to keep this site relatively PG (unlike Jaded Gamercast!) but I can’t help myself with this thing. GW should have designed some kind of Nemesis Force Coathanger to take care of this thing long before it came to term.

This is about as cool as wolves riding wolves while wearing pants made from wolves. Like the flying shortbus which was conveniently BS’ed into existence for the Blood Angels book (and also included in the Grey Knights, of course), I just can’t stand to look at this thing. It’s stupid, it’s unnecessary, and there’s no reason why it needed to be in the book. Want a vehicle to serve as a heavy weapon platform that can also pull some close combat duty? That’s what Dreadnoughts are for. Seriously.

It’s the combination of things that are done really well and things that are just lazy/stupid that absolutely drives me nuts. The plastic kits have a ton of crisp detail and cool components … but the double ammo magazines on every single stormbolter look so much worse than the old belt feeds. The option to build halberds, double handed swords, two swords, staves and hammers is cool … but giving them all different rules is completely over-the-top. Whose bright idea was it to make the staff grant a 2++ invulnerable save? I guess people will stop whining about storm shields now, which has to count for something.

It’s probably too early to get into too much detail about the rules though, since many of us have seen little beyond the rumors and leaked PDF. I’m not terribly excited though, as I fear more of it will be true than I want to admit. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt, as so many new books look terrifying at first glance, but turn out to be fairly mild when taken holistically and fielded on the table top. It’s easier to notice the strengths of an army than the subtle weaknesses.

Anyway, I would like to wrap this up and give everything a chance to settle in a bit. When that’s over, and I will have had a chance to take in the Orcs and Goblins book as well, I am looking forward to doing a piece that compares the different directions that 40k and Fantasy seem to be taking right now. I think it’s incredibly interesting to compare the two. Maybe we’ll even make a few quick predictions about the Tomb Kings army book due in May.

And I will be the first to admit that I am possibly being a giant hypocrite regarding the Dreadknight. I have a massive rage on for the Dreadknight because it’s a Terminator riding around in the chest of a giant stupid robot, but my #1 wish for the Khemri book is for them to include rules and a model for Sehenesmet, Vizier of Quatar. Yes, he’s the 595pt special character Bone Giant with a Liche Priest entombed in his chest. I do have a literature degree, so the irony is not lost on me.


10 comments on “Echoes From the Warp – Grey Knights

  1. I do agree about the Dreadknight addition. When I heard the initial rumors about in online I was thinks a plastic Penitent engine remake or something with a Grey knight twist. No some retarded over sized mech… I have also 2 of the FW Grey Knight dreads for my army which now I wonder how the heck they will fit in. Not to mention the cost of the new plastic kits are almost the exact same price as the metals were. I thought GW said the point of making things plastic was to reduce prices not keep them status quo.

    On the flip side of this negative rant. The one thing I really like with the other figures is how well the new plastic GK and GK Termies work nicely alongside the previous metal ones. Both versions compliment each other rather than conflict. Unlike other army updates where your forced to shelf the older minis for that army because they just look dreadful beside the new stuff. So for the heavily invested Daemonhunters cough I mean Grey Knights player they don’t need to reinvest a monster amount. I also like they added a new special character a couple more would of been nice. Like umm Garro (unlikely) but he would sell like a hot cake.

  2. Agreed. All I can say is that the Greenskins book for fantasy has renewed my love for all things miniature gaming. Full of character, reminiscient of old editions/models, all of the whacky you could want, without any of the gouda. If I have to hear one more person complain about the short magic item list, I would like them to tell me just how many items they ACTUALLY used from the old book.

    The one nice thing about the direction of 40k, is that it makes deciding which armies to work on(Fantasy or 40k or Warmachine) significantly easier.

  3. I have to say I agree in the main to Dans assessment of the models. [its still too early to speculate meaningfully on the rules – although it seems that there is fairly comprehensive ‘leakage’ out there].

    I particularly like the Grey Knight in power armour models and with the huge number of additional bitz on the sprues, some of these guys may well find there way into my Space Marine army in some form or another.

    The abomination. [not of the hell pit variety – but who knows]. There are one or two features I do like. I like the fact that the dude steering it, is in termi armour. I like the fact that his knees align with the exo armours thigh joints… no wait that means he would have to have reverse knee joints. I like…. um… Did I say I liked the fact that he is wearing terminator armour?

    Seriously though – I do like the concept. The idea of a nested babushka doll made out of power armour I do like. I just wish that they had put him into a dreadnought in place of the sarcophagus. … hmm now theres a conversion idea…

    I think though, that some interesting conversions may well come out of the Dread Knight kit though. One of my comments to a guy at my LGG last night was flamed as he pointed out if I reduced the height of the model I am breaking a core dictate of GW’s LoS rule. Damn his eyes! he was right. So if I do stuntify a Dread Knight I will have to keep the overall profile the same. [in a possibly misguided attempt to placate those rules lawyers and Power games out there].

    • Maybe there will be a way to cut out the middle section of the Dreadknight and put a Sarcophagus in there. It would definitely start to look like it belongs in 40k at that point. Hopefully someone tries this and posts pics before too long 😀

  4. Let me just say this… you beat me to the punch. I have been waiting all week to vent on this idiotic design as an addition to a codex that doesn’t require it. I think what you said about it being a pointless and lazy piece of work is very true. Yay sculpters! You did a great job! Boo Designers, you are as uncreative as you are moronic for even imagining this Exo-Suited Mega-Zord into existance. Poor poor Game Devs for being stuck with having to write rules for this pile of garbage.

    Does it have an armor save or an armor value? Because neither makes any sense!

    AAAAAnnyways… good post Dan “Painting Legend” (Jericho) Byer

    • Agreed, it probably should have an armor value, but then you could just kill it with one lascannon shot and you wouldn’t want to run out and buy 2 more $65 kits. This way, it’s got what T7 W4 2+ armor and I think an Invulnerable save as well. That should last a while, and hey a Grandmaster lets you make D3 of any unit scoring so why *wouldn’t* you want to buy three?

  5. The primary reason why i believe that this thing really needs to have a toughness value and not an armor value is because MC’s are grossly more powerful than dreadnoughts in close combat due to their 2D6 for armor penatration. So in order to go toe to toe with Greater Daemons and Daemon princes It would either have to: A) have a toughness value of 7 so massed str 4 attacks can still take it down or B) It could have AV 14 making it able to stand up to mc’s but be untouchable by all but the most powerful ranged attacks.

    • You do make a good point, but a Dread with higher frontal armor or one that ignores MC 2d6 armor penetration would be of similar use. The trend where every book gets a massive plastic kit is worrisome, as they seem more than willing to invent crazy new things. The Imperium isn’t exactly known for technological innovation…

  6. The book mechanicum does some what support this model, as the knight class titans are of a similar design except it is a bay for the pilot, not a suit of termy armor.

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