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Death from above!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, some good friends down in Calgary ran a rather unique event recently — a narrative-based tournament/campaign based on the Drop Site Massacre on Istvaan V.

Yes, there were Drop Pods on Istvaan V.

I’ll give you a quick run-down of the event. Space Marines only (obviously!), 1500pt lists with 250pt auxiliary forces, sealed envelopes with objectives delivered to players before each game, faction and personal scores, and some very interesting ways to cash in “tokens” earned by claiming objectives…

Hot Primarch on Primarch action! And a Grey Knight for some reason.

If you thought calling in attack dogs and chopper gunner was fun (yes, I play Black Ops too), then imagine how badass it would be to call down a Primarch! This campaign weekend featured no less than six of these demigods.

By all accounts, the event seemed to come together brilliantly. There were some concerns about numbers (nobody in this province signs up for anything until the last possible minute, which is incredibly fun for organizers!) but in the end they were scrambling for scenery to accomodate the hordes of Space Marine commanders who wanted to get in on this one of a kind event.

Check out complete coverage on Teri’s blog here. I’ll see about having a chat with the boys and girls responsible, as they have put on some very interesting events in the past, including a similar 14th Black Crusade event. Teri, Nathan et al. are firm believers in the theory that each event should offer something truly special and unique, and it really shows. Hats off to them for putting on a really special event. Now all we need is to convince Teri to play Fantasy, so we can see some equally badass events for the much cooler of the two systems … 😉


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